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Pressure Cleaning
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With over 10 years experience in the cleaning industry, Reese's Pressure Cleaning is able to offer our customers peace of mind knowing that their Pressure Cleaning and Soft Washing needs will be cared for and will be performed correctly the first time by a trained professional. Mold, mildew, algae, grease doesn't stand a chance once we arrive with our professional cleaning equipment and techniques. We offer Hot and Cold water cleaning to be able to tackle any surface, with pressures ranging from 100psi to 3500psi.

Below are just some examples of the type of cleaning we perform.

Multi Story Buildings
Drive Thrus
Store Fronts
Gas Stations
Gum Removal
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Soft Washing
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What is "Soft Washing"???
It is the use of cleaning solutions to lift and remove the contaminants from wood, siding, and roofing materials with out the use of high pressure. The process consists of applying a cleaning solution without pressure & then rinsing away the unwanted material with a large volume of water without pressure. The low pressure is similar to that of a garden hose but with a much large volume of water. Soft washing is only achieved with the use of special low pressure pumps and special wash tips that are specifically designed for cleaning with no pressure. Soft washing is safe on vinyl, aluminum, dryvit, windows, stucco,shingle roofs, and should be the preferred method by true professionals in the cleaning industry.

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Its uncommon to find someone that will do a job that will surpass your expectation. Mr. Reese is a true professional that really knows his jobs. I would highly recommend him.
John W. of Grovetown, GA

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning
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Think your roof needs replacing because you see black streaks all over it?? The black spots/streaks discoloring your asphalt roof are the pervasive and prevalent algae known as Gloecapsa Magma. This algae requires a moisture-rich environment, usually supplied by dew and shade. As algae travels through the air, if one neighbor receives a few spores, the whole neighborhood will soon be sporting the black streaks. The algae feeds on the calcium carbonate contained in most asphalt shingles. Never allow anyone to attack the discoloration with a high-pressure washing system, which will affect the integrity of shingles. Instead , we can safely remove the algae present on your roof with the Soft Wash method, with No pressure being applied to your shingles, and have your roof looking good as new again.

Excellent job. My house looks new again. The brick has no mold and looks great and the vinyl siding shines. I will use this service again on an annual basis.
Dean T. of Augusta, GA

Deck Staining
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If your deck, fence, or even your wood siding has turned grey and molded, its not too late to bring it back to life. With the correct Soft wash method, Reese's Pressure Cleaning can bring that grey and molded deck back to life. You may have applied a big box store stained that failed after 6 months, doesn't matter, with the proper detergents and soft wash method we can remove the old stain and have your neighbors full of envy over your freshly stained deck, fence, or wood siding. From our semi transparent stain ReadySeal to our solid color stain Duckback, we have something for everyone's taste.

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Danny and his family did a superior job staining my two decks decks were old and needed pressure cleaning and stained - very professional - workmanship excellent - kept me informed of job on a daily basis - work area always cleaned - not messy - even when the weather was rainy - danny and crew was always on time - danny and crew were very amiable and hard working crew - he was very thorough and went over his - to check for defects -I would not hesitat one second to hired danny and crew for another project - we need more professioals of his caliber
Gerald M. of Grovetown, GA

Decorative Concrete
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You can see plain old grey, dirty concrete anywhere, but not everyone has Decorative Concrete. Decorative Concrete is the art of transforming tired, plain concrete into a custom one of a kind master piece. Plain concrete has became the norm, but it doesn't have to be anymore. There are many different forms of Decorative Concrete. Simply sealing existing concrete, epoxy floors, staining and sealing, knockdowns, custom overlayment designs, are all form of Decorative Concrete. This is a great option for pool aprons, patios, sidewalks, drives, porches, garage floors, even inside the home itself.

We are Certified Trained Installers of Elite Crete Systems.

Let Reese's Pressure Cleaning handle all your Decorative Concrete needs, so call today for a free estimate, and lets get rid of that old boring concrete.

A great professional. Reese was very competent. He gave me honest tips on saving money on the task. He has lots of professional equipment to help him get the job done efficiently and quickly. He gave me a cheaper price than guys I know at my job who said they where "hooking me up" =) I would encourage anyone to let Reese give you an estimate before hiring anyone else. It would behoove them to do so. Thanks Reese!
Brandon M. Augusta, Ga.